Forksaver what are they ?
The Forksaver guards overlook the panorama of motorcycle accessories. Effective and clever accessory to protect the Up-side Down forks from dust, water, mud, sand and debris. Quick and easy to install, thanks to Forksaver high strength materials protect the fork leg from dirt, which in critical and harsh conditions can impair the function of the oil seal and generate oil leaks and fork efficiency. Robust and waterproof guarantee a longer life to the oil seal and better flowability over time. Currently available for motorcycles Cross, Enduro, Moto-rally, Endurance with up-side down forks models: WP, Showa, Kyaba, Sachs, Marzocchi, Paioli, Paioli / Poletti, Ohlins, Solva, Sachs etc. with diameters from 45 to 50.Un accessory for convenience, efficiency and footprint can safely take place in our "equipment on board".

BLACK for ø 45 to 48
37.00 € / Kit(s) *
RED for ø 45 to 48
37.00 € / Kit(s) *
ROYAL BLUE for ø 45 to 48
37.00 € / Kit(s) *
BLACK for ø 49 to 50
37.00 € / Kit(s) *
3.00 € / pair(s) *
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